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Anaesthesia museum lates: The Mesmerist

When: 20/10/2017 6pm-9pm


21 Portland Place



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Anaesthesia museum lates: The mesmerist

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Join us for a special Lates event with author Wendy Moore to explore the links between mesmerism and anaesthesia.

Medicine, in the early 1800s, was a brutal business. Operations were performed without anaesthesia while conventional treatment relied on leeches, cupping and toxic potions. The most surgeons could offer by way of pain relief was a large swig of brandy.

Into this scene came John Elliotson, the dazzling new hope of the medical world. Charismatic and ambitious, Elliotson was determined to transform medicine from a hodge-podge of archaic remedies into a practice informed by the latest science. In this aim he was backed by Thomas Wakley, founder of the new magazine, The Lancet, and a campaigner against corruption and malpractice.

Then, in the summer of 1837, a French visitor – the self-styled Baron Jules Denis Dupotet – arrived in London to promote an exotic new idea: mesmerism. The mesmerism mania would take the nation by storm but would ultimately split the two friends, and the medical world, asunder - throwing into focus fundamental questions about the fine line between medicine and quackery, between science and superstition.

Wendy's talk will be followed by a fascinating panel discussion with on hypnosis in current anaesthetic practice, along with a drinks reception. The evening will also offer the opportunity to explore Brave Faces exhibition and the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre in a private view.