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Hypnosis in Healthcare – A Pan European Perspective

Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre Clydebank, Glasgow, June 6 — June 7

Joint Conference 2015
Hosted by BSMDH (Scotland) and BSCAH

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23rd World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine

SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, August 19 — August 22

The Psychosomatic Factor in Clinical Practice

Post-congress workshop: Focusing on Enhancing Well-Being: Depression & Health Beyond the Medical Model with Dr Michael Yapko

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West of England - Hypnosis & Energy: a Healing Workshop

May 16

Prof John Gruzelier and Dr Deborah Bowden cover such diverse fields as Reiki, Johrei and EEG-Neurofeedback.

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Joint Northern Counties and Lancs Cheshire

July 4

Alimentary my dear...  York 

Burning mouth to proctalgia fugax, but mainly IBS, touching on eating disorders. More info to be advised

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