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Hypnotic intervention in dentistry is fast, safe and effective

2017-08-17 17:44:31

Says Dr Veit Messmer from Germany, where over 1600 dental members use
hypnosis daily in their work with patients. Dr Messmer, speaking at the
EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF HYPNOSIS 2017 Congress in Manchester in August, states
that while there is always need for more research, it has been found to be
clinically effective in treating dental anxiety, pain, reduction of the gag
reflex, treatment of myoathropathic diseases and malfunctions, bruxism and
improvement of healing after surgery, making patients and the whole dental
team content and happy.

Hypnosis in Dental Treatment: why, when and how? - A survey of different
techniques and methods in Dental Treatment

Veit Messmer

Hypnosis in Dentistry has seen a revival during the last twenty years,
especially in Germany, where the DGZH has generated 1600 certified members
who treat patients in hypnosis every day. Dentists need to have quick
results; the hypnotic intervention is fast, safe and effective.

It is successfully used for:

- Pain reduction

- Diminishing and eliminating fear and panic states

- Reduction of gag reflex

- Treatment of myoathropathic diseases and malfunctions

- Bruxism

- Positive influence on oral diseases and healing processes after surgery

During this presentation, diverse techniques of Dental Hypnosis will be
presented, that can be applied in Dental Treatment. They are fast and
effective. The speaker's own concept of what is working very effectively
over ten years, will be presented with words, demonstrations and movies.

The audience will get many hints and helpful information for daily practice,
that will enrich their own hypnotic treatment, will enrich their own
practice in office or clinic, because it works, making patients and the
whole team content and happy.


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