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Here are some articles on the history of hypnosis by some of our members


Here are some articles written by our members on the application of hypnotic techniques in the management of a varity of clinical conditions:

The use of hypnosis in anxiety disorders

The use of hypnosis in eating disorders

The use of hypnosis in chronic pain

Hypnosis and imagery in the treatment of chronic pain (prepublication article)

Brief Psychological and Hypnotic Interventions in the Management of Pain (prepublication article)

Evidence for the effectiveness of hypnosis in the management of pain 2018 

The use of hypnosis in phobias
        Agoraphobia and social phobia
        Animal and situational subtypes
        Natural environment type, blood injection injury type and others

The use of hypnosis in psychosomatic or functional disorders

The use of hypnosis in sexual disorders

What is hypnosis and how might it work? in Palliative Care: Research and Treatment. available at

Hypnosis for Awake Surgery of Low-grade Gliomas

This video illustrates the major times of a hypnosedation procedure for awake surgery of a low-grade glioma.

Please click on link to view youtube video