BSCAH operates a system of Accreditation for its members. This is designed as a peer-review of the member's experience, and safety as a person using hypnosis in their work. It is used to assess clinical skills, rather than being an academic hurdle.

Accreditation requires further training after the basic Foundation training and evidence of having worked with hypnosis in your clinical field. This includes a log of cases and four case studies in more detail. Each applicant is interviewed prior to Accreditation being awarded. Applicants are encouraged to work with a mentor in their field who can review their cases but cannot then be part of the interview process. Those with the BSCAH Diploma (currently at BCU) may apply for Accreditation upon successful completion of their Diploma without the need for further case studies as these are included in the Diploma curriculum. There is also a non-refundable administration fee payable upon application.

For full details please login as a member and access Accreditation information from the front page.