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180 Years of Hypnosis

When: 27/11/2021 8pm


About the training:
180 Years of Hypnosis.

On Saturday 27th November 1841 at 8pm, Dr James Braid delivered his inaugural lecture at the Manchester Athenaeum on what he would name 'hypnotism', having sceptically attended a presentation on 'animal magnetism' at the same venue only two weeks prior. 


On Saturday 27th November 2021 at 8pm (GMT)*, join us at as we discuss modern hypnosis and it's future on it's 180th birthday!


Hosts Dr Mike Gow and Dr Gabor Filo will briefly discuss the history and evolution of the phenomenon that became 'hypnotism' before introducing special guests:


Dr Mark Jensen (President of the International Society of Hypnosis)

Dr Kathleen Long (President of the European Society of Hypnosis)

Dr Bridget Bongaard (President of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis)

Dr Marcello Romei (Dentist who has been establishing hypnosis in Uruguay)


Please post any questions or topic requests ahead of, or during this live broadcast on YouTube via the above link and the panel may include them in their discussion.


*8pm (GMT)= 5pm (UYT), 3pm (EST)2pm (CST)1PM (MST)12pm (PST)10am (HST) and 9pm (CET)