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RSM - Do all Functional disorders arise from the brain?

When: 13/09/2021 8am
About the training:

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This event will explore and discuss the theory that all functional disorders ultimately derive from the brain and nervous system. Functional symptoms affect every aspect of medicine and yet each speciality attempts to deal with their particular manifestation of the problem separately. This event will bring together professionals from medical, psychological, and academic research fields in the hope that a greater understanding of this subject from different perspectives, will lead to more effective interventions.

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It is estimated that as many as 50% of new referrals to hospital outpatient clinics suffer from symptoms for which no specific underlying cause can be identified. Every speciality uses different terminology to describe these conditions but overall, there are insufficient effective therapeutic interventions currently available, leaving many patients suffering and significantly disabled.

Can we develop different ways of researching this topic? Are RCT’s the best way forward? Should personalised care be considered? One therapy does not necessarily suit all and will be discussed.

This event will facilitate clinicians from varied specialities and researchers from different backgrounds to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate. You will get the opportunity to meet some of the doctors, psychologists and neuroscientists who are currently looking for answers and solutions in this field and join the thought-provoking panel discussions.


  • The differences and similarities of functional disorders and how symptoms can overlap - what do they have in common and how do they differ?
  • The therapeutic approaches and treatment programmes being developed and provided by different specialities.
  • What works best for which symptoms and which patients.
  • The latest neuroscience research that is starting to shed light on the underlying mechanisms.

CPD learning applied.

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