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Easing Past Trauma without Drama

When: 08/12/2018 10.30am - 4.30pm

Civil Service Club

13-15 Great Scotland Yard,

About the training:

Easing Past Trauma without Drama.

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The use of hypnosis for past trauma        

This one day workshop will examine how hypnotic techniques can be used to ease past traumatic memories. Various practitioners will describe how they use hypnosis when working with patients suffering from the emotional effects of past negative events.

One day workshop exploring different approaches to dealing with past negative events and PTSD.

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Speakers include:

Ann Williamson: Past trauma - an overview and some management possibilities: Uses of dissociated imagery.

Many of our patients are suffering from the emotional effects of past traumatic memory. This may underlie fears, phobias and anxiety states including panic disorder, or present as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares and avoidance behaviours. We will look firstly at some of the general therapeutic considerations necessary for successful treatment. Too often in therapy, the emotionally charged event is re-experienced and the patient is re-traumatised. By using dissociated imagery this can be avoided and we will explore how to use dissociated imagery techniques in various clinical cases to resolve the emotional effects of traumatic memory.

Dr Ann Williamson was a GP for more than thirty years and has used hypnosis and brief therapy both formally and informally since the 1990s. She has trained in hypnosis, NLP, brief solution oriented therapy and other approaches. She has been a trainer for the British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis for many years. She has also lectured at Manchester, Chester and Salford Universities. She has run numerous workshops on brief psychological interventions and stress management over the years both in the UK and abroad. She has written three books: on stress management, smoking cessation and on brief psychological interventions in clinical practice. She is also co-editor of A Handbook of Contemporary Hypnosis published by Wiley in 2011 and has contributed to several other books and journals. She is also a Reiki Master Trainer and has an interest in creativity and exploring one’s emotions through the arts. For more details please visit

Peter Naish: The Physiology of Fear – why does hypnosis help?

Most people bounce back from the stress of modest trauma, but severe trauma results in long-term harm for a significant proportion of people. This talk will describe the genetic underpinnings of this effect and explain their impact on the brain, including the modifications to memory and perceptual processes. Some of these changes actually facilitate hypnosis, meaning that, among the many negative aspects of trauma, there is also a channel generated through which therapeutic changes may be initiated.

Peter Naish has spent much of his career in research, generally university-based and often concerning the nature of hypnosis. He has also conducted studies for the Home Office and Ministry of Defence, the latter including research on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Phyllis Alden: Taking the Present into the Past

Post traumatic symptoms often arise due to the inability to process traumatic information resulting in it being stored in a ‘raw’ state so within the individual the traumatic event is still ongoing, e.g. the victim of an accident still believes they are going to die even though they survived. In this presentation, we will explore two approaches that facilitate the processing of traumatic information, allowing for its integration and therefore the resolution of symptoms such as flashbacks and other intrusive thoughts, images and nightmares.

Mrs Phyllis Alden…. is a clinical psychologist who has had wide ranging experience in helping patients suffering with many physical and mental health problems, especially in oncology. Phyllis has a particular interest in the assessment and treatment of PTSD and the long term effects of trauma such as RTAs, assaults, and torture. With respect to clinical approaches, she considers herself to be eclectic. She has been involved in hypnosis training both nationally and internationally and has also trained in EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).

Ruth Henderson: Hypnosis and EMDR in the treatment of trauma

There appears to be some confusion about how these two tools for therapy work; are they the same thing or are there fundamental differences. Through a clinical case study Ruth will attempt to de-mystify understanding, when it comes to utilising hypnosis and EMDR when working with past trauma.

Dr Ruth Henderson is a Chartered and affiliated member of the BPS, as a Counselling Psychologist. She is registered with the HCPC and accredited by the BPS, BABCP and EMDR Association UK and Ireland. Qualified as a Counselling Psychologist in 2012, her working experiences includes working in Primary Care and Secondary Care Services within the NHS, The Priory and a number of charity organisations. Ruth now works full time in private practice in West Sussex. Ruth completed the hypnosis training through the BSCAH at Birmingham City University in 2017 and has integrated hypnosis as a tool within her practice since.

Polly-Anne Lloyd: Unbridled Fear: A multi-faceted group approach to helping horse riders overcome trauma.

A case study of two group therapeutic courses of 4 days which involve assessment of the effects of the past traumatic event, rating scales and questionnaires and the identification of behavioural and cognitive goals. This is followed by education, both group and individual hypnosis, exposure under hypnosis and in vivo with cognitive restructuring. The group is used both as catharsis and support. There is also evaluation of therapeutic approaches: post intervention and at follow up.

Polly-Anne Lloyd is a Registered Mental Nurse and, having received a Diploma in Behavioural Therapy, became a Behavioural Therapist for Nottingham Health Authority between 1986-1995. She was in Saudi Arabia for seven months in 1995 before moving to France. She did her Foundation training in Warrington in 2015 and has since been working as a coach and therapist using hypnosis and behavioural-cognitive approaches for horse riders with fear issues.

Kate Chartres: Working with persistent physical symptoms and the physical response to trauma using hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing).

This presentation will focus on patients with persistent physical symptoms and include types and diagnostic classifications, a bit on theoretical understandings, assessment and engagement. Therapeutic techniques will particularly focus on hypnotherapy and EMDR including case studies with some client outcomes.

Kate Chartres currently holds three roles: - that of Nurse Consultant in Psychiatric Liaison, Senior Honorary Lecturer Sunderland University and Network Clinical Lead for the Northern Strategic Clinical Network for Liaison Psychiatry for NHS England. Her previous experience has included extensive time within Crisis Services, work in Primary Care, EIP and the Clinical Management of a range of diverse Psychiatric Liaison Teams across Northumberland Tyne and Wear. She develops innovative treatment packages for people presenting with complex clinical difficulties, utilising an eclectic approach. She is also on the Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculty for Liaison Psychiatry as a co-opted member representing the field of nursing and studying for a PhD looking at the use of EMDR in the area of persistent physical symptoms at the University of Northumbria. Her interests include developing truly integrated services, engagement and developing the body of evidence to underpin future Psychiatric Liaison practice.

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