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Introduction to experimental hypnosis research April 2022

When: 26/04/2022 6pm


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Introduction to experimental hypnosis research

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Hypnosis represents a powerful but widely misunderstood method for harnessing suggestion to alter the contents of consciousness. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the experimental study of hypnosis and will provide attendees with a strong platform to conduct and critically evaluate research in this field.

This course provides an introduction to experimental applications of hypnosis in psychology, neuroscience, and allied disciplines. We will cover a wide range of salient issues in the experimental use of hypnosis beginning with a review of its history and the dispelling of prominent myths. The course will subsequently introduce instruments used to measure responsiveness to hypnotic suggestions and review current knowledge regarding the factors underlying individual differences in hypnotic responding. Considerable attention will be devoted to issues pertaining to the design of experimental hypnosis research studies and common mistakes and limitations of research studies in this field.

Throughout the course, a critical approach will be applied, and encouraged, regarding widely-held assumptions about hypnosis. The second week of the course will delve into more advanced topics including presentations of influential and contemporary theories of hypnosis and the corresponding evidence for and against them. We will also review recent research on the neuroscience of hypnosis and the extent to which hypnotic responding can be modified. The latter half of this week will review the evidence for clinical applications of hypnosis and outline how hypnosis can be experimentally used in an instrumental manner, such as modelling psychiatric symptoms. We will conclude by placing hypnosis in a broader context and considering its implications for, and relation to, other psychological phenomena.

Please note that this course does not involve practical instruction in using hypnosis, such as the administration of a hypnotic induction or suggestions, although conceptual issues pertaining to the application will be covered. Similarly, the course does not cover the therapeutic application of hypnosis although empirical evidence for the efficacy of clinical applications of hypnosis will be reviewed.

This course is designed for all levels but assumes some understanding of introductory topics in psychological research. It will appeal to students, researchers, and clinicians who want to engage in research on hypnosis and related topics or develop knowledge of this research domain. The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding contemporary research methods, results, and theory regarding the experimental application of hypnosis. In turn, the course will provide attendees with a strong platform from which to critically evaluate research on hypnosis and germane topics. In addition, the knowledge gained from this course could be used as a catalyst for undertaking formal clinical or experimental hypnosis research with appropriate supervision.

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