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ISH Monthly Masterclass; Hypnosis in Pain

When: 29/06/2022 4pm - 7pm BST


About the training:

ISH Monthly Masterclass - Hypnosis in Pain Management by Dr. Mehdi Fathi

Wednesday 29th June 2022

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1-Fundamentals of pain psychology
How positive emotions can reduce releasing of pain related neurotransmitters 
2- hypnosis in operation room 
Including preparation of the patient, induction of hypnosis and deepening of trance state. When we can begin surgery 
3- post operative pain control by hypnosis 
Conditioning the patient under hypnotic state 
4- hypnosis in chronic pain management
Several techniques and imaginative approaches to reducing pain in chronic pain 


 Dr. Fathi is the most prominent and well- known researcher of hypnosis fields in Iran. He has graduated in anesthesiology and cardiac anesthesia as subspecialty. He is one of the first trainers in Iranian Scientific Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ISSCH) who has more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has published more than 130 articles in international journals (ISI and Pubmed indexed) He has written 73 titles of books in hypnosis and health care aspects in native ( Persian ) language. Now he is founder and the first president of Asian society of hypnosis. He has done more than 450 surgeries by hypnosis as sole anesthesia.


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