BSCAH National

Meeting of Members October 2022

When: 13/10/2022 7-8pm


About the training:

Another ‘Meeting of Members’ has been arranged for Thursday 13th October 2022 at 7-8pm. This is an opportunity for all BSCAH members to get together and discuss BSCAH and clinical hypnosis via zoom.


There is so much talent, experience and enthusiasm within our membership, we know that we could achieve so much more by tapping into the wisdom you all have. One of the beauties and strengths of our Society is it’s muti-disciplinary nature, there is so much we can learn from each other.


We need help in realising BSCAH’s vision:


The acceptance of clinical hypnosis as an effective intervention in all branches of healthcare


Please come and find out BSCAHs plans and help develop them and increase our chance of success.


This meeting of members will kick off with the principal officers sharing what is going on for them in BSCAH. The floor will then be opened for feedback, questions, and chit chat about BSCAH and clinical hypnosis.


If you have any topic you would like to introduce, please let me know ( and we will endeavour to give space to it on the day.


Please come and bring your wine or tea…… we can’t wait to meet you!


ZOOM LINK to be sent via mailing list