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Specialist Module - Hypnosis in Functional Bowel Disorders

When: 09/10/2021 10am - 4.30pm
About the training:

A one-day online training on the use of hypnosis in functional bowel disorders with Dr Peter Whorwell and others will take place on zoom.

These modules are specialist modules designed to enhance and develop a delegate's knowledge and understanding of medical hypnosis. It is assumed that delegate's will have already completed an introductory course to hypnosis. This knowledge will be required in order to achieve the learning outcomes for these specialist modules. If you wish to do an introduction to hypnosis course please click here. If you have any queries about the course or your eligibility, please contact Hilary Walker: or Ann Williamson:

Learning Objectives

  • To explore the use of hypnosis in the management of IBS and other functional bowel disorders
  • To understand how to address possible underlying aetiology of functional bowel disorders
  • To understand how to assess the suitability of a patient for gut focused hypnotherapy
  • To explore the client outcomes and experiences of gut focused hypnotherapy
  • To understand the challenges of setting up a gut focused hypnotherapy service

Peter Whorwell, Ann Williamson, Jane Martin & Tracey Foy, Chris Perrin & Conchetta Brugaletta

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Last date of booking Monday 4th October 2021

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Proposed Programme: 

10.00 - 12.30am

10.00 - 10.15 Introductions  
10.15 – 11.00  Presentation 1: Peter Whorwell
Functional gastrointestinal disorders - the evidence supporting the use of hypnosis

11.00 – 11.20
Presentation 2: Ann Williamson Some thoughts on the underlying aetiology of some functional bowel disorders
11.20 – 11.30 Comfort break  
11.30 - 12.30 Discussion and Q & A  


2.00 - 2.45 Presentation 3 Jane Martin & Tracey Foy

IBS and Gut Directed Hypnotherapy service, the journey so far

2.45 – 3.30

Presentation 4 Chris Perrin & Concetta Brugaletta

Gut Focused Hypnosis as part of a MDT approach in secondary care
3.30 – 3.40 Comfort break  
3.40 – 4.30  Discussion and Q & A  


Peter Whorwell
Professor Peter Whorwell, MD BSc PhD FRCP, is director of the Neurogastroenterology unit at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. His unit undertakes research into the clinical, aetiological, epidemiological and physiological aspects of Irritable bowel syndrome and other functional gastrointestinal disorders as well as receiving referrals of complex cases from all over the United Kingdom and abroad. He personally sees approximately 400 new patients with irritable bowel syndrome every year and has over 380 publications in a variety of books and peer-reviewed journals. He has also published a book for sufferers from Irritable bowel syndrome called ‘Take control of your IBS’ that has received excellent reviews from readers.  Many years ago he developed a hypnotherapy programme for IBS which has proved to be highly effective for both IBS and other functional gastrointestinal disorders.  The unit continues to use gut focused hypnosis for treating patients as well as undertaking research into this phenomenon.
Ann Williamson
Dr Ann Williamson was a GP for more than thirty years and uses hypnosis and brief therapy both formally and informally with many of her patients. She has trained in hypnosis, NLP, brief solution oriented therapy and other approaches. She has been a trainer for the British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis for many years. She has also lectured at Manchester, Chester and Salford Universities. She has run numerous workshops on brief psychological interventions and stress management over the years both in the UK and abroad. She has written three books: on stress management, smoking cessation and on brief psychological interventions in clinical practice. She is also co-editor of A Handbook of Contemporary Hypnosis published by Wiley in 2011 and has contributed to several other books and journals. She is also a Reiki Master Trainer and has an interest in creativity and exploring one’s emotions through the arts.


Jane Martin
With great excitement I qualified as a Nurse 40 years ago. My ethos of practice has always been, and continues to be, to work with an individual to enable them to reach their health potential, manage their own health and get the best they can out of life. My first major role was working in theatres and then working with Gastroenterologists in an endoscopy service. After becoming a parent and moving areas, I worked in a Community Hospital, then in School Health completing a BSc (Hons) Primary Health Care, then moved to lead a Safeguarding Children’s Service where I completed an MA. I retired from this role and then worked part time as a Community Staff Nurse for 4.5 years. Over the years I have discovered family members, friends, and colleagues whose lives have been adversely affected by IBS or live with IBS. When I found out about the IBS Nurse Specialist Role, I believed this was an opportunity to support and help those with this often mis-understood condition. I completed an accredited Hypnotherapy course through BSCAH (British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnotherapy) which included some hypnotherapy concerning functional health issues and Gut Directed Hypnotherapy. I updated my knowledge of how the digestive system works and what helps alleviate IBS symptoms. York Trust employed a colleague Tracey, who had also completed the BSCAH course before me, in 2019 to re-start an IBS support service that had ceased some 5 years previously. Our practice is based on the NICE Guidelines IBS Pathway.


Tracey Foy
With commitment and great pride I qualified as a Nurse 15 years ago. Prior to this, my role was a Special Educational Needs Assistant working with both Primary and Secondary school children. I then changed my career and became a Health Care Assistant working on the children’s ward, Gynaecology ward and the Early Pregnancy Clinic at the York NHS Trust. I wanted to further my career by then becoming a qualified Nurse. After qualifying at York University I then obtained a post within Gastroenterology working in the Endoscopy Department at York NHS Trust. I then spent a short time in the Outpatients Department. During this time I heard through the Gastroenterology Department that an IBS service was soon to set up again in York. Hearing this news I took it upon myself to take an accredited Hypnotherapy training course with BSCAH (British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis). I had learnt through research and my experience in endoscopy that gut directed hypnotherapy can be used to help with the management of IBS, before being offered the IBS Nurse Specialist Role at York NHS Trust. Working within the NICE Guidelines along with my colleague Jane we have been in this role for almost two years.



Chris Perrin
Chris Perrin is a clinical specialist nurse providing psychological therapies to patients In the GI Physiology Unit at UCLH. This is provided as part of an holistic approach and includes GI consultants - diagnosis and medication (Dr Emmanuel and Zarate Lopez) Bowel Management Training and dietary advice. He has provided this service for the last 7 years. In the last 2 years he has working with Concetta Brugaletta (also a specialist nurse). We see patients with a wide range of GI problems both functional and organic. We offer CBT, Gut focused Hypnosis, Autogenic Therapy and Training and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. The most popular choice from patients with functional disorders is GFH. We mainly use the North Carolina Protocol developed by Prof O Palsson (IBS, GORD and IBD) as well as bespoke scripts where needed.


Concetta Brugaletta
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Hilary Walker: