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When: 02/03/2021 6pm

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Tuesday 2nd March 6.00pm-7.30pm
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Dr Christina Liossi - Hypnosis in the management of acute and chronic pain in children

Clinical hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic technique for the management of acute and chronic paediatric pain, although the quality of evidence for its efficacy differs, depending upon the type of pain. Hypnosis is an evidence-based intervention for procedure-related pain, and appears promising in the management of chronic pain particularly abdominal. In this talk, I will review the current research literature regarding the use of clinical hypnosis in paediatric pain management and discuss insights from my clinical practice.

Professor Christina Liossi is a Chair in Paediatric Psychology at the University of Southampton and an Honorary Consultant Paediatric Psychologist, at the Paediatric Chronic Pain Clinic, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, London. Christina has worked as an academic and clinician in the UK and abroad and has cared for children with various chronic medical conditions including cancer, cystic fibrosis, chronic kidney disease, epidermolysis bullosa, and sickle cell disease. Christina is one of the world experts in paediatric pain and her randomized controlled clinical trials have been critical to the establishment of hypnosis as an evidenced-based intervention in the care of children with cancer. Christina has contributed to national and international evidence-based guidelines on acute and chronic paediatric pain, pain in epidermolysis bullosa and sedation in children. She currently Chairs the NIHR Pain & Palliative Care Clinical Studies Group.

Vanessa Colman - An eight year old with nocturnal eneuresis

My case is about an eight-year-old boy who presented with a 6–7-year history of nocturnal enuresis although this also happened sometimes during the day time. Mum had exhausted all options and he had been referred and treated with medication in the past without success. He had never been dry at night and I was contacted as a last resort since he was now eight and still wearing a nappy pant to stop him being wet during the day at school. It had become clear to Mum that he was getting used to wearing this instead of normal underwear. I was contacted by Mum and met for two initial sessions.

I am a registered Paediatric and Mental Health Nurse, a member of BSCAH and a registered clinical hypnotherapist and advanced practitioner in transactional analysis.  I run my own private clinical practice for mental health for children and adults.  I gained a Msc in safeguarding for welfare of children and recently a postgraduate certificate in Clinical Hypnosis and Related Techniques at Birmingham City University in September 2020.   

Monika Stedul - Two very different cases with children

I will discuss two cases that exemplify some age-related challenges and possible solutions when working with children. The first concerns a 7yr old boy with Verruca Plantaris. This case illustrates the importance of narrative choice, as well as the need for a clear understanding of the child’s disposition, not to mention attention span. The second case concerns an older teen with anxieties about post-school life choices. He came to me on his mother’s recommendation for help in choosing between two very different life paths. An added challenge in this case was his scepticism towards the hypnotherapy process.

I am currently on a sabbatical from therapy work while based in the USA, and presently self-employed as a silversmith. I am also a volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps, helping with the COVID vaccine rollout. As a Nutritional Therapist in Brighton, UK I used hypnotherapy as an adjunct to my nutrition programmes, while also taking on a number of voluntary cases (two of which are referred to below). I have a BSc (Hons) in Neuroscience (Edinburgh University) and a BSc Nutritional Medicine (University of West London). 

If you have any questions regarding the use of hypnosis with children that you would like to put to our contributors please email them to

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