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Specialist webinar - Psychosexual problems and infertility

When: 05/10/2021 6-7.30pm


About the training:

Tuesday 5th October 6.00pm-7.30pm

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We have two contributors: Maureen Williams is talking about working with some common psychosexual problems and Lucy Coffin will be talking about how she works with infertility using hypnosis.
If you have any questions for our contributors regarding the use of hypnosis to help resolve infertility or psychosexual problems, then please email them to

Communication and hypnosis in common psychosexual problems by Maureen Williams
Half an hour is a short time for a presentation on such a vast subject. So in order to offer participants the most I can I will focus on Communication. and Sexual problems where hypnosis can be effective e.g. penetration issues. If anyone wishes me to cover other aspects of this subject please contact

The use of Clinical Hypnosis in optimising outcomes and experiences for patients experiencing sub-fertility  by Lucy Coffin
In this webinar I will discuss:

  • How and why hypnotherapy and self hypnosis can provide emotional support during fertility challenges. Also how sometimes psychological trauma and using hypnosis to support the healing process can in some cases spontaneously improve pregnancy potential.

  • The use of clinical hypnosis to help patients improve their capacity for self repair and also to improve or optimise response to specific medications.

  • The use of hypnotherapy to relax the smooth muscle of the endometrium during IVF embryo transfer and how this can improve the process both for the health care professional and for the patient.
Maureen Williams
Maureen has worked in reproductive and sexual health for over 40 years both as a practitioner and as a university lecturer. She has presented papers at national and international conferences. Since leaving academia she has focused on working privately as a sex and relationship therapist, with both individuals and couples, and now has a small successful practice that she enjoys. She finds that her skills at hypnotherapy have been invaluable as a tool that can quickly resolve many sexual problems.


Lucy Coffin
I qualified as an RN in 2005 and went on to work in colorectal surgery then onto Intensive Care before eventually leaving to set up my own private fertility based practice. My aim is to combine clinical knowledge with complementary approaches to enable couples to have well rounded, non biased supportive care. I work with couples going through various stages of sub-fertility, miscarriage & neonatal loss, and IVF.



Hilary Walker: