Lancs and Cheshire

‘Stories to remember’

When: 01/12/2019 10.00

Villaggio Hotel,

5-9 Folly Lane, Warrington

About the training:

Generating story banks and narrative approaches in hypnosis: ideas for novice practitioners with Dr Colin Jones AND Using metaphoric imagery and hypnosis with cancer patients seeking a way to support their emotional wellbeing whilst undergoing cancer treatments with Mrs Fiona Gilbert


Dr Colin Jones
With a clinical background in intensive care nursing, Colin is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health at Liverpool John Moores University. In a career spanning almost 40 years, he has worked in a variety of clinical, academic and research settings in the UK and overseas. Colin holds a PhD in Health Psychology in addition to qualifications in narrative therapy, life review and reminiscence therapies. He has worked extensively with survivors of war and torture during the conflict in Bosnia and the Gulf War. His research interests include Post traumatic stress disorder, life story and psychological adaptation following critical illness. More recently he has been involved in research exploring novel approaches to the management of hoarding disorder. The best part of Colin’s job is being part of someone else’s success.


a) To explore some established models of story construction

b) To develop a deeper understanding of the therapeutic benefits of stories

c) To offer some practical suggestions for how practitioners may generate story banks

d) To illustrate how story/narrative techniques may be especially useful in hypnosis,

Stories and metaphors in oncology with Mrs Fiona Gilbert

Mrs Fiona Gilbert
Fiona has an interest in complementary therapies including herbal medicine, reflexology, Reiki and emotional freedom technique (EFT) and was in private practice. However, after volunteering at St Catherine’s Hospice, Scarborough, staff encouraged Fiona to change direction and train as a nurse. Fiona achieved her BSC (Hons) in Adult Nursing in 2009. Her dissertation on the Memories and Perceptions of Ventilated and Sedated Patients in an ICU Setting led to a career in intensive care. Here she became interested in the role that therapeutic communication and specific language usage can alter the way patients and relatives experience their journey through a difficult experience. Joining the Oncology Health Centre 4 years later this interest in language became heightened with working in the drop-in centre where patients and families can access support for emotional distress. Healthcare professionals can inadvertently use words which strike fear into patients’ minds as their heightened alert systems try to adjust to this new world of cancer. Having the opportunity to be introduced to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and then training with the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH) in 2014 was instrumental in being able to facilitate change for these patients and families. Fiona achieved her accreditation in hypnosis in 2017 at the European Society of Hypnosis Congress. Currently Fiona is studying for a Diploma in Counselling.

Fiona will look at how she uses imagery and hypnosis with cancer patients seeking a way to support their emotional wellbeing whilst undergoing cancer treatments.


This is a free event for BSCAH members and will run from 10am - 1pm. If you wish to stay on for lunch (£10) you are very welcome but please let Linda know by Monday 25th November.

If you are not a member please join the Society or contact Linda Dunlop

We join our foundation training colleagues for part of Module 3


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