Clinical Hypnosis Resources

Welcome to BSCAH's resource page. This page has been developed so members can access material presented at some of our events. There are also resources provided by our members to share with the whole membership. If you have anything you would like to share either on this page or via our blog please email Hilary Walker at

The resources on this page should not be copied unless you have sought permission from the author. 

BSCAH Webinar recordings 

5th July 2022: Embodiment and Pain

7th June 2022: Hypnosis and Dental problems

10th May 2022:  ‘How do we use hypnosis as an adjunct alongside existing treatment techniques?’.

5th April 2022: Musculoskeletal conditions

1st March 2022: Grief

PowerPoint by Consuelo Casula

2nd February 2022: Use of expressive arts

11th January 2022: What to do when hypnosis seems to fail or outcomes don’t last

7th December 2021: Hypnosis & sleep problems.

14th November 2021: Research in Hypnosis, the challenges and rewards

2nd November 2021: Hypnosis in Oncology

5th October 2021: Psychosexual problems and infertility

27th Sept 2021: Dave Patterson: Non-linear, complex hypnotic inductions made simple

7th September 2021: Hypnosis, spirituality and healing

24th August 2021: Caring for the carers

12th August 2021: Smoking cessation & functional disorders

29th July 2021: Grief & Loss

13th July 2021: Panic disorder and Agarophobia

6th June 2021: Habits & Addictions

4th May 2021: Phobias

Gabrielle Brooks - Two cases: one of needle phobia and one of dental phobia
Lina Morton - A Case of Emetophobia
Morag Torrance - Working with arachnophobia

13th April 2021: Trauma
Jim Rymer - Hypnosis for young people with a forensic history
Dr Greta Ross - Recognising and working with PTSD and trauma
Dr Axel Wuerz - Informal Hypnotic Strategies in the Treatment of Psychological Consequences of Traumatic Experiences

28th March: Colin Jones. Story and metaphor.

2nd March 2021: Children 
Dr Christina Liossi - Hypnosis in the management of acute and chronic pain in children
Vanessa Colman - An eight-year-old with nocturnal enuresis
Monika Stedul - Two very different cases with children

2nd Febuary 2021: Depression
Dr Grahame Smith - A roundup on depression for non-mental health practitioners
Mr David Byron - The use of hypnosis to treat a young person with depression
Dr Ann Williamson - Some approaches to manage chronic depression

5th January 2021 : Psychosomatic & Functional Disorders
Dr Nigel Bird - An introduction to my use of hypnotherapy for functional and psychosomatic problems for my NHS patients in a general practice in Brighton.
Dr Mayur Bodani - Functional disorders, hypnosis, neurology, and neuroimaging - it's all connected!
Dr Ann Williamson - Chronic fatigue syndrome and migraine – some ideas from a couple of case studies

8th December 2020: Covid – issues and opportunities
Dr Honeyia Minhas - How hypnosis helped me
Dr Paul Slater – Introducing hypnosis into ICU
Christine Ferris - Bereavement issues
Gillian Smith - Long Covid
Vanessa Coleman - A couple of case reports

3rd November 2020: Anxiety
Andrew Baderin – How I use hypnosis in General Practice
Sara Llewellyn – Breathing techniques and the Golden Egg
Graham Temple - Informal hypnosis approaches especially suitable for children

6th October 2020 : Pain
Graham Dunthorne - Pain education and Neuroplasticity
Rebecca Jackson - My favourite technique
Sue Peacock - Mind mediation for chronic pain and some cases


2019 Conference presentations.

Topics covered at the Conference 2019 were as follows: