Eligibility for Membership

Membership Criteria

There are many benefits from joining BSCAH

Applications are invited from those registered with the GMC, GDC, NMC, HCPC, Clinical Psychologists, and University-based Academics.

Psychotherapists and Postgraduate Counsellors may be eligible for membership but please contact National Office (natoffice@bscah.co.uk) with details of your CV and training (preferably electronically), who will then pass your application to the Academic and Accreditation Committee for decision.

Subscription is £75 per annum and student membership (at a reduced subscription rate of £45) shall be open to students on courses leading to qualifications which would render them eligible for membership.

Holding a degree in psychology is NOT in itself a clinical qualification and BSCAH does not accept hypnotherapy qualifications as clinical qualifications.

For those who wish to pursue research rather than clinical interests, a degree in psychology IS acceptable and those with first or further degrees who are pursuing academic careers fulfil the criteria of eligibility.