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We believe you should find a therapist who is professionally qualified in their own right (doctor, dentist, psychologist, nurse, other health professional). Many of our members are engaged in research or are employed as full time NHS professionals so are unable to accept referrals.

We feel that those practising hypnotherapy should already have a primary professional reason to be in a helping relationship with patients. They should be in a position to accept clinical responsibility for their actions and have indemnity cover and should only use hypnosis within the clinical field in which they already have expertise.

All those on the BSACH referral list are qualified health professionals and their entry states if they have, in addition, BSCAH Accreditation or the University Accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from Stafford University, Sheffield University , UCL or Birmingham City University. We list only those hypnosis training attainments gained on courses endorsed by the European Society of Hypnosis.

BSCAH takes no responsibility for the conduct of those on the referral list as BSCAH members are professionals in their own right and are subject to the strict guidelines and codes of conduct specified by their own professional body. Whilst not all members are medical practitioners, the “Duties of a Doctor “ produced by the GMC is a model applicable for all members who do clinical work. The referral list is merely a platform to provide the general public with a list health practitioners who may use hypnosis in their work..

There are no official qualifications or statutory regulations for hypnosis and hypnotherapy within the UK. If you decide to seek help from someone other than a health professional, we would suggest that you look for someone who is a registered member of UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) or an accredited member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Contact may be made either by generating an email through clicking on the email address or by telephone. The contract for treatment, including cost and length of treatment, is between you, the client, and the member concerned. BSCAH has no part in this contract apart from providing this list of suitably qualified practitioners.

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