ICU package

These audio recordings are suitable for use in ICU or ED areas for ventilated patients or patients on CPAP/face mask oxygen.
They can be downloaded to an MP3 player or tablet and then left to play to patients via headphones or earbuds.
We suggest that they should be played three or more times a day. 

These resources should only be used under the guidance of Healthcare Professionals. 

In hypnosis we enter into a natural daydreamy state, a little like meditation, that results from a focusing of attention and use of imagination. When in this state suggestions are more effective and have been shown to have a marked effect on physiology. When a patient is highly anxious or sedated, they are in an altered state already, and this can be utilised to give positive suggestions that can aid recovery.

It is thought that even heavily sedated patients are aware of sounds around them and also that a large percentage of patients who have been in ICU suffer from post-traumatic stress afterwards. Studies (see below) have shown that ventilation time and sedation may be reduced following positive suggestion given via MP3 player and although there is currently no evidence to support a generic scripted audio we believe it may still have positive benefits for patients..

It is hoped that, by listening to this audio, the patient will recover faster, need less sedation and generally have a better experience so reducing the incidence of post-traumatic stress.

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There are many positive suggestions that can be used while working with your patients. Here are a few of them:

1.        All the sounds and noises you may become aware of just mean that you are being cared for... being kept safe

2.        You are being watched over and cared for... we will look after you – you have nothing to do except focus on your healing

3.        You can trust us to take good care of you and each time you hear our voices you can feel comforted and stronger

4.        You need hear only those things that are helpful to you

5.        As you hear the noises around you, they can just help you to feel more relaxed

To download the audio recordings right click on the three dots or the volume icon to the right of the play bar and select download or save audio as...

   Explanatory instructions for staff (as above).  

   Explanatory leaflet for patient or relative.

   Hypnosis and positive suggestion script for a patient on ICU

  Szilagyi et al  2014  Shortening the length of stay and mechanical ventilation time by using positive suggestions via MP3 players for ventilated patients.

  Audio review of above article by Dr Charlotte Davies (A&E Consultant). (Click to play in a new window)  

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