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Hypnosis in child and adolescent health Monday 16 September Join us to look at the role of hypnosis in various fields related to child and adolescent health. This afternoon meeting will showcase the use of clinical more
Mod 1:27th-28th Sept 2019 Mod 2: 06th-07th December 2019 Mod 3a: 07th-08th Feb 2020 Mod 3b: 06th-07th March 2020
Advanced Diploma/Post Graduate Certificate/BSc Conversion Course in Clinical Hypnosis, Communication Skills and Related Techniques Midlands branch of BSCAH are pleased to announce that they have completed their more
28/29 Sept 2019 • 26/27th Oct 2019 • 30th Nov/1st Dec 2019
Module 1: 28/29th Sept 2019: Module 2: 26/27th October 2019: Module 3: 30th Nov/1st December 2019 The Foundation course is aimed at teaching the basics that health professionals can integrate into their existing more
Saturday 19 October 2019
**  Contact Dan for waiting list in case of cancellations as we are fully booked **   The meeting is chaired by Prof. Leslie Walker, Emeritus Professor of Cancer more
9th December 2019
The impact and management of chronic stress and the David Waxman memorial lecture Monday 9th December 2019 This afternoon meeting will raise awareness of the impact of chronic stress on health and well-being. With more
1/2 February , 29Feb /1March, and 28/29 March 2020
This 3 weekend training has been well received in previous years at York, Hull, and Edinburgh. Details will be updated as we review them in coming months (as at June 2019) Early Bird price for the whole course of more
Module 1 - Sat/Sun 8th-9th February 2020. Module 2 - Sat/Sun 29th February & 1st March 2020. Module 3 - Sat/Sun 28th & 29th March 2020.
This course is open to all regulated health care professionals and the cross-disciplinary interaction adds to the depth of experience in the learning process. The class has a minimum cohort of 12 and a maximum of 20, more