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Foundation training, London

2019-05-28 14:37:39

Mets and South (London) have started the foundation training again this year and have met a very select and able group of individuals. Leon Gevertz and David Kraft have designed the course, and have done a fair amount of the teaching; however, we have been supported by three other experienced teachers. On the first day of module 2, Peter Naish gave an insightful presentation on hypnosis and consciousness; and, in addition, he helped supervise the trainees with their practical work in the afternoon. We have also asked Les Brann to join us for module 3 and we look forward to his input. And, this year, we asked Samantha Crone to help with teaching the basics during module 1. Leon and David both felt that it was important for the trainees to have another teacher so that they could compare approaches. We are hoping that, if Samantha takes to the training, she will become a regular fixture at Mets and South. This year, we were very careful to make sure that the pace of the sessions was right for the individuals. We had eleven trainees this year. The group consisted of one osteopath, three consultant pain specialists, an anaesthetist, a physician in private practice, a GP with a specialism in back pain, a counselling psychologist, a registrar and two dentists. The planning for the workshops was done very carefully because the trainees were all at very different levels: some had an excellent working knowledge of hypnosis in advance, while others were just beginning to grasp some basic concepts.      

Please continue to plug these events and invite colleagues to attend training; it would be nice to have between 12 and 20 students for future foundation training courses, and as many as possible for the workshops. I have to say that it is likely that the recent increases in numbers for this year were due to the fact that people could book, and pay for, these courses online.


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