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Functional Strokes-Rehabilitation-can hypnotic and allied techniques help?

2018-07-10 19:39:56

This one day workshop in Edinburgh on Thursday, 11th October

was inspired by Dr Ranjan Sanyal’s audit of Functional Stroke patients who improved dramatically, often following only one session of hypnotherapy. 
Our speakers include Consultant Neurologists, Clinical and Academic Psychologists and Health Care Professionals who integrate a knowledge of hypnosis into their work. 
There are wider implications for the whole of medicine as functional disorders and overlay affect every speciality. and so this conference will be of interest to all health care professionals and researchers. 
Discover the latest developments in this fascinating and important field of medicine. Can some functional symptoms be reversed? Can their development be reduced if we learn how to avoid inadvertently seeding negative suggestions? The nocebo effect is potentially more powerful than the placebo effect! Bring your ideas. A multi-centre RCT could help answer these questions. Could you help?


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