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International survey on hypnosis practice

10th December 2020

Please participate in the international survey of hypnosis clinicians and researchers.

The Hypnosis Efficacy Task Force is a multi-national team of hypnosis clinicians and researchers that has been crafting guidelines for best practices and standards for hypnosis research as well as recommendations for research priorities for the next decade. As an extension of that project, the Task Force is carrying out a unique research survey of clinicians, researchers and students in the field of hypnosis, which aims to provide the most comprehensive picture to date of current practices and views in clinical and experimental hypnosis. The survey is co-sponsored by our society as well as several other major hypnosis societies. We would like to ask all our members to help make this important project a success by personally completing the survey.
The survey takes about 20-25 minutes to complete, and the data are collected in an anonymous manner. To participate, simply go to the following web page and provide your name and email, and you will then receive a secure personal link to the survey (this two-step mechanism is used to avoid the same individuals influencing the results with multiple entries, or unqualified people or Internet bots making entries):


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