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BSCAH Specialist Webinars

6th February 2021

I can’t believe that we are coming up to our sixth webinar already! These webinars, free to members and available for a small fee to non-members, are proving popular. They serve as a platform for those in our membership who may not be so well known to others, to share their knowledge and experiences with us all. It is a way to hear from people actively working in the field about how they manage different conditions and what techniques or approaches they favour. We all do things differently and adapt processes to fit both ourselves and our patients so we can all pick up tips and ideas from these webinars.

We have already taken a look at ways to manage pain, anxiety, covid related issues, psychosomatic disorders and depression. On March 2nd we have Christina Liossi and Vanessa Coleman talking about working with children, in April we are looking at trauma and in May, phobias. We will finish the current series with the topics of habit disorders and then grief. We will then break for a month or so before hopefully scheduling some further topics.

But in order to keep this going I need members to be willing to contribute on the various topics. The contribution could be a case study, a PowerPoint presentation, a favourite approach or technique or more generally how you work with patients with the disorder under discussion. It can be as short as ten minutes or up to half an hour in length. So, please get in touch with me and let me know if you would be willing to contribute. Hoping to hear from you soon.... Ann Williamson (ann@annwilliamson.co.uk)


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