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Spider phobia no longer!

2019-12-26 16:46:28

Yesterday I succeeded in catching my first spider.

Whilst preparing our guest room yesterday, a long-legged spider appeared from behind the bedstead. I admit I screamed at first. Then, almost immediately I thought no, this will not defeat me. This is only a spider. Much smaller than me. I went and got a glass and a piece of card and went straight back into the room.

I was quite disappointed. The spider had gone. However, it reappeared from behind the bedstead and I put the glass over it. Slid the card behind and transported it to its new home in our garage. I felt great. Hypnotherapy works!

I recounted my success to the Hypnotherapy training group via WhatsApp. Some have sent interesting pictures of various spiders. So has my sister who found a rather scary large hairy creature. I smiled.

My younger son reminded me of an incident that is imprinted on his memory. When he was quite young, he remembers hearing a blood curdling scream as a spider had landed on my leg whilst I was in the bathroom. I thought I had hidden my phobia from the children. He's most impressed. They do not have a phobia of spiders.

This blog entry was written by a trainee who volunteered to be a demonstration subject on the Foundation training course when we were exploring ways to resolve phobias. A very successful outcome!



2020-01-16 18:20:52

We did a progressive desensitisation using imagery in hypnosis followed by positive mental rehearsal.


2020-01-16 18:20:25

We did a progressive desensitisation using imagery in hypnosis followed by positive mental rehearsal


2020-01-02 09:18:07

Interesting! What was the content of the suggestion(s) which helped overcome the spider aversion? I've only experienced the NLP-style "fast phobia" exercise and this hasn't made a difference for me. For what it's worth I became determined to solve this problem a few weeks ago. I've got as far as realising that it's not genuine fear with me; it's disgust. E.g. I feel significantly less aversion if I'm wearing gloves - i.e. even thin examination gloves, no fear of spider to skin touch (?contamination fear?) and the discomfort falls away to almost nothing.

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