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Student Prize Essay Competition on Clinical Hypnosis

14th October 2015

The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis invites students of all years, registered at UK universities and colleges on 30th April 2017 studying Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology or any profession allied to medicine, to submit an essay on the subject of Clinical Hypnosis, entitled:
Hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, relaxation therapy and mindfulness are therapies that have similarities and differences. Compare and contrast the inter-relationship between these therapies using the evidence from physiological and psychological research

Submissions of no more 3000 words, with suitable references in the Harvard format will be accepted and judged for the following prizes:

1st Prize: £100 & Free place on the Society’s Foundation Course*

2nd Prize: Free place on the Society’s Foundation Course*

All other submissions reaching an appropriate standard will be awarded £100 off any of the Society’s Foundation Courses*

*which may count towards a University Accredited Diploma

The winner will additionally be given a free place on the Scientific Papers Day of the BSCAH Annual Conference where they will be presented with their award and may present their work. There may be the potential for suitable winning submissions to be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

Deadline:      31st October 2017

For more information: 07702 492867 or  E: natoffice@bscah.co.uk


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