Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Primary Care

Non-Pharmacological Interventions Workshop:
An integrated approach

  • Give patients tools for emotional health
  • Make your consultation time more effective
  • Reducing costs: Reducing time

This is a one day training programme for Health Professionals run by Dr Ann Williamson an experienced GP and author of 'Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice' and other members of BSCAH.

Topics include:

  • Building rapport
  • Taking a therapeutic history
  • Turning towards a solution focus
  • Emotional distress: from identity to behaviour
  • Reframing: patterns and cognitive distortions
  • Self hypnosis: imagery and goal setting
  • Working to reduce anxiety and depression

Learning objectives:

By the end of this one day workshop participants should;

  • Be able to rapidly establish rapprt in both acute and chronic situations
  • Be able to take a therapeutic history, eliciting the patient's strengths and abilities whilst minimising a negative focus
  • Be able to utilise and facilitate change in a patient's patterns of behaviour and response
  • Be able to utilise and teach self hypnotic techniques for themselves and their patients
  • Understand how to utilise imagery for setting goals and facilitating change
  • Be able to incorporate these approaches into working with patients who are anxious or depressed

To make a booking please contact us. BSCAH charges £500 for up to 10 participants and £750 for up to 20 participants. Please contact National Office if larger numbers are envisaged.
T: 07702 492867
Postal address: Mrs H Dwyer, c/o Hollybank House, Lees Road, Mossley, Ashton-u-Lyne, Lancs OL5 0PL

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