one-day introductory Workshops

Book a tailor-made workshop for your dept. BSCAH provides on-site training taught by Health Professionals where at least one trainer has specialist knowledge on the applications of hypnosis within your field of expertise. This training will give participants some practical expertise, as well as an understanding of hypnosis and its uses within your specific field. They are targeted to the specific speciality and needs of the participants, for example pain management for pain clinic teams, dental uses for dental teams, psychodermatology, primary care.

Examples of previous workshops

  • Advanced Clinical Communication in the Management of Pain
  • Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Primary Care
  • Advanced Clinical Communication in the Management of Functional Disorders

BSCAH charges £1000 for up to 10 participants and £1500 for up to 20 participants. Please contact National Office if larger numbers are envisaged. FILL IN THE FORM TO ORGANISE A WORKSHOP OR CONTACT

The above targeted taster workshops teach simple hypnotic and imagery techniques, but to explore the full potential of hypnotic techniques we suggest you book on a Foundation Course