Referrals list

An ‘A’ before the surname of individual entries indicates that member has BSCAH Accreditation; a ‘D’ indicates that they have a University Accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from UCL, Stafford or Sheffield University, or the City of Birmingham University; and an ‘M’ indicates a BSCAH member on the referral list as a qualified health professional.

BSCAH takes no responsibility for the conduct of those on the referral list as BSCAH members are professionals in their own right and are subject to the strict guidelines and codes of conduct specified by their own professional body. The referral list is merely a platform to provide the general public with a list of health practitioners who may use hypnosis in their work.

A - Capek, Michael, Dr
Specialities: Psychosomatic medicine and medically unexplained symptoms
Tel-W: 0161 998 2503
Tel-H: 0772 763 2129
Profession: GP with special interest in mental health: BSCAH Accredited
County: Manchester
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A - Coleman, Vanessa, Ms
Specialities: Children, Young People and Families
Tel-W: 07780681182
Profession: Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Mental Health
County: East Riding and the Humber
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A - Cooper, Nicholas, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety, phobias, pre-examination nerves, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, IBS, ego-strengthening, stress management, PTSD, fear of flying and chronic pain.
Tel-W: 01245 224436
Profession: GP - Foundation course 2011, Accredited 2014. CPD up to date.
County: Essex
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A - Garfinkle, Henry, Dr
Specialities: Internal medicine , Psychosomatic medicine, Pain Management, Ashthma, Bed wetting, Skin complaints, Phobias, Smoking cessation, IBS, Childbirth, Antinatel, PTSD.
Tel-W: 020 83490414
Profession: internal medicine / Psychosomatic medicine - Accredited 2000. CPD up to date
County: London
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A - Kraft, David, Mr
Specialities: Phobias, Anxiety, Sleeping disorders, Psychosomatic pain, PTSD, IBS, Medically unexplained symptoms.
Tel-W: 07946579645
Tel-H: 02074678564
Profession: Integrative Psychotherapist - Accreditation BSCAH 2014, Accreditation UKCP 2014, MSc (Psychology, Kingston Uni) 2013, BSCAH Lecturer
County: London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire.
Website: /
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A - Morton, Lina, Mrs
Specialities: IBS, Anxiety Disorders, Stress management, Panic attacks, Sleep.
Tel-W: 01934 742330 / 02074671522
Profession: Psychological Therapist - MSc Counselling, BSc(Hons) Psychology, Cert. Ed. MBACP, MBPsS, MBSCAH Accred. Member NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners. Accredited BSECH 2005.
County: Somerset & London
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A - Sakkas, Georgios, Professor
Specialities: Chronic Diseases - Advanced Diploma and Accredited by BSCAH
Tel-W: +44-7871746504
Tel-H: +30-6978509102
Profession: Professor in Health Sciences
County: Thessaly, Greece
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A - Samuels, Howard, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety Disorders (inc. Generalised, Panic, PTSD ) Phobias (All but particularly Dental, Animal/insect, Flight etc)
Tel-W: 07957562926
Profession: Psychotherapist - BSCAH Accredited
County: North Yorkshire
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A - Temple, Graham, Mr
Specialities: Anxiety, phobias, habit control, motivation
Tel-W: 0113 239 2543
Tel-H: 0113 266 7317
Profession: Dentist - Accredited 1998 Various BSCAH courses attended.CPD up to date
County: Leeds
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A - Williamson, Ann, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosomatic disorders, creativity
Tel-W: 01457832604
Profession: GP - BSMDH Course 1989/1992. Accredited 1995. CPD up to date.
County: Greater Manchester
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A, D - Atkinson, Paul, Mr
Specialities: Trauma, mood disorders, performance enhancement
Tel-W: 07865 080687
Profession: Psychotherapist - EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant. UCL Diploma in Clinical & Applied Hypnosis 2005
County: Brighton
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A, D - Brann, Les, Dr
Specialities: Chronic pain, psychosomatic conditions, MUS, PTSD, anxiety, depression, psychosexual problems, childhood abuse, obstetrics, infertility
Tel-W: 01245 474070
Profession: GP (Retired) - Accreditation BSMDH 1985, Diploma Clin Hyp (Sheffield Uni) 1990, MMedSci (Clinical Hypnosis, Sheffield Uni) 1996. BSCAH Lecturer.
County: Chelmsford
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A, D - Byron, David, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety, stress, exam nerves, panic attacks, confidence building, depression,sleep difficulties, phobias, personal performance, OCD, and trauma related difficulties in children and adults.
Tel-W: 07880703053
Profession: Chartered Psychologist- EMDR Europe accredited practitioner 2004. UCL Diploma 1999. Tutor for BSCAH. CPD up to date.
County: Hampshire
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A, D - Chambers, Mark, Dr
Specialities: GP/GP Trainer (retired), NLP Trainer (ANLP, Society of NLP), Thought Field Therapy (Advanced Practitioner and Trainer), Reiki Master, Mindfulness.
Tel-W: 01787 378226
Tel-H: 07968 046315
Profession: GP/GP Trainer (retired) - Accredited 2013, Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Hypnosis 2012
County: London, Suffolk
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A, D - Hadfield, Trevor, Dr
Specialities: Psychosomatic medicine, anxiety, PTSD, IBS, eating disorders, psychosexual, ME, spiritual
Tel-W: 01543 672221
Tel-H: 07976 289915
Profession: GP
County: Staffordshire
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A, D - Kinmond, Kathryn, Dr
Specialities: Abuse. PTSD, Trauma, Self/identity
Tel-W: 07908556168
Profession: Psychologist & Psychotherapist
County: Staffordshire
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A, D - Nielsen PhD, Claudia, Ms
Specialities: Anxiety, panic attacks, emotional, existential, spiritual difficulties
Tel-W: 07831 242141
Profession: Psychotherapist; Counsellor - UCL Diploma 2001. Accredited 2001. CPD up to date.
County: London
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A, D - Smith, Grahame, Dr
Specialities: Wide range of problems as seen by GPs and providing BSCAH Foundation training
Tel-W: 0197 760 0750
Profession: Retired GP - Accredited 1984. Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis in 1991. BSCAH Lecturer & Chairman.
County: West Yorkshire
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A, D - Woodward, Cathryn, Dr
Tel-H: 07795 203424
Profession: Consultant Clinical Oncologist - Foundation Course 2012, Higher Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Stress Management 2014, Accredited 2014. CPD up to date
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D - Ashcroft, Keith, Dr
Specialities: Forensic Hypnosis which when employed within the context of an investigation, can provide information from a complainant, victim or witness.
Tel-W: 07790732828
Profession: Chartered Scientist & Psychologist. Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with Distinction (1994).
County: Lancashire
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D - Barry, John, Dr
Specialities: Men’s mental health; psychological aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); research methods and statistics.
Tel-W: 07808275186
Profession: Psychologist
County: London / Suffolk
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D - Entwistle, Paul, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety management; Psychotropic prescription medication addiction management; Unexplained male and female infertility; Refractory overweight and obesity. Mind body disorders.
Tel-W: 07905 683 218
Profession: Clinical Scientist, Counsellor and Primary Care Prescription Medication Advisor. - Post gradualte Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis 2016.
County: Liverpool
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D - MacLeavy, Christine, Ms
Specialities: Dental & needle phobias.
Tel-W: 07891006425
Profession: Dental . Post Graduate Diploma in hypnosis - Applied to dentistry. Accredited by the University Ciollege of London.
County: Northamptonshire
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D - Ramsay, Edward, Mr
Specialities: A wide range of interests including Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, Physical Illness, Relationships, Loss, Work Problems, Victims of Violence.
Tel-W: 0793 199 0712
Profession: Chartered Counselling Psychologist - PGDip in Clinical Hypnosis at UCL 2007. MSc in Counselling Psychology. MSc in Advanced Counselling Psychology.
County: Kent, London
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M - Ablett, Joanne, Dr
Specialities: Physical Health, Trauma
Tel-W: 07890185183
Profession: Consultant Clinical Psychologist. Joanne completed BSCAH's Foundation training 2015.
County: Cheshire
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M - Berry, Paul, Dr
Specialities: Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Tel-H: 01502476234
Profession: GP
County: Suffolk
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M - Bishop, Susie, Miss
Specialities: Stress, Anxiety. BSCAH Foundation training 2019
Tel-W: 07759 080167
Profession: Speech and Language Therapist
County: Essex
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M - Brockbank, Susan, Mrs
Specialities: Stress, anxiety & depression.
Tel-W: 01772 687403
Profession: Counsellor/psychotherapist. MBACP Reg. (Accred.) Counselling Supervisor & Trainer. - BSCAH Postgraduate Training Course in Clinical Hypnosis for Health Professionals at University of Salford 2008.
County: Lancashire
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M - Cantrell, Jane, Dr
Tel-H: 0208 5041272
Profession: Consultant Anaesthetist
County: London
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M - Carr, Jules, Mrs
Specialities: Over 16 yrs only. Dermatology, IBS, Stress, Work based burnout & Anxiety.
Tel-W: 07808202695
Profession: Senior Specialist Nurse - Dermatology. Accredited 2018. BSc Clinical Hypnosis & Related Techniques.
County: Sheffield
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M - Cowie, Valerie, Prof
Specialities: Anxiety, phobias, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, ego-strengthening, emotional problems, individual psychotherapy, Exam nerves, Public speaking nerves
Tel-W: 0208 789 7583
Profession: Psychiatrist - Accredited 1990.
County: London - SW15 6UQ
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M - Crone, Samantha, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety, needle phobia, dental phobia, pronounced gag reflex.
Tel-W: 01483573630
Profession: Dentist. BSMDH 1996-1997 and BSCAH conferences/lectures from 1997 to present day.
County: Surrey
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M - Cross, Richard, Mr
Specialities: Trauma and Dissociation
Tel-W: 07773277327
Profession: Psychotherapist (UKCP, EAP, WCP registered)
County: Surrey, Strathclyde & Stirlingshire
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M - Crosthwaite, Calum, Dr
Specialities: IBS, Physical Health, Anxiety, Depression
Tel-H: 07873 780929
Profession: Clinical Psychologist - Foundation training 2004
County: Devon
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M - Cunningham, Derek, Mr
Specialities: Communication, Confidence & Assertiveness, Anger & Perpetrators of Violence, Panic Disorder.
Tel-W: 07976 777360
Profession: Counsellor & HE Programme Leader/Lecturer
County: Essex / Greater London
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M - Goddard, Lorna, Dr
Specialities: BSCAH Foundation training 2017, Mental Health
Tel-W: 01622 872500
Tel-H: 07940 562369
Profession: Chartered Psychologist/Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
County: Kent & London
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M - Jones, Victoria, Mrs
Specialities: Emotion and anger management, Anxiety and Stress management, Phobias, Motivation, Self esteem/confidence building.
Tel-W: 07548 164719
Profession: Forensic Psychologist (Cognitive behavioural therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Attachment informed approaches)
County: West Midlands
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M - Luce, Peter, Mr
Specialities: Anxiety, Phobias
Tel-W: 01752829436
Profession: Psychotherapist. BSc Psychology, Diploma in hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Diploma in counselling 2002, Accredited with UKCP 1997.
County: Devon
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M - Moorhouse, Jim, Mr
Specialities: Home visits only. General wellbeing, Stress, Self hypnosis, Self belief & Confidence, Art & Hypnosis, Exam nerves. I am willing to give talks to local voluntary groups.
Tel-W: 07546724374
Profession: RMN - Psychiatric Nurse
County: South Staffordshire
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M - Ratty, Sarah, Mrs
Specialities: IBS, Facial Pain, Anxiety, Chronic Pain
Tel-W: 07986 830903
Profession: Clinical Nurse Specialist - BSCAH Foundation trainging completed 2012
County: Bedfordshire
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M - Rhead, Emma Rae, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Health Anxiety, Pain Management, Phobias, IBS, Insomnia, Alcohol, Skin Disorders, Medical Hypnosis, Psychosomatic and Medically Unexplained Symptoms
Tel-W: 01244 470181
Profession: Medical Doctor, Medical Hypnotherapist, Private Practice
County: Cheshire
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M - Robinson, Rebecca, Miss
Specialities: Pain Management, Performance Enhancement
Tel-W: 01522787164
Profession: Physiotherapist
County: Lincolnshire
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M - Round, Dan, Mr
Specialities: Anxiety/ Phobias, Depression, Eating Problems, Weight Loss, Birth Hypnotherapy.
Tel-W: 07850884362
Profession: Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. BSCAH Foundation training and accreditation completed. CPD up to date. Dan also teaches on BSCAH's Foundation course and is secretary for BSCAH Northern branch.
County: York
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M - Smith, Gillian, Dr
Specialities: Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Phobias, Palliative care
Tel-W: 01312375437
Profession: Retired psychiatrist - Foundation training completed 2014. Gill has also taught on our Northern foundation course for the past 4 years.
County: Midlothian
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M Gatenby, Claire, Mrs
Specialities: Tinnitus, Balance Problems
Tel-W: 01502 713337
Profession: Hearing Therapist
County: Suffolk
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M- Agboaye, Wemi, Dr
Specialities: Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Mood & Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, Panic attack, PTSD, Diabetes, IBS, Pain Management, Addictions, anger management, Stress management, Eating disorders and disordered eating, weight management, Insomnia, Enuresis.
Tel-W: 07976945015
Profession: Chartered Psychologist and HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist with specialisation in transpersonal & integrative approaches including mindfulness therapies (Acceptance & commitment Therapy), EMDR, Lifespan integration & Brainspotting.
County: Midlands
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