Training Courses


BSCAH Training courses

Because BSCAH operates a branch system for its members' support, training courses are offered in several locations arround the country. Whilst the tutors for these courses will vary they will all follow BSCAH´s standard format.  Some of our courses are badged by universities, details of which appear as part of their course information. In areas where no courses are currently available, training may be arranged if a group of at least six health professionals express an interest in running a Foundation training course. All Foundation Training students will be given free access to our members area of the website for 12 months.


Postgraduate Training Course in Hypnosis

Regardless of the geographical location in which you would choose to train, all BSCAH training follows the same course core curriculum which is usually packaged as a modular programme delivered over three weekends. 

In addition to the basic training BSCAH also offers a Diploma/BSc run in conjunction with the University of Birmingham and various workshops throughout the year together with an Annual Conference.

We aim to teach students understanding and safe applications of hypnosis within their clinical field and expertise.

  1. To enable the students to gain an understanding of the nature of hypnosis; to understand the professional and ethical issues surrounding hypnosis as a treatment modality.
  2. To enable the student to recognise and evaluate whether hypnosis is needed or appropriate within the patient’s clinical care.
  3. For the students to have a general understanding of procedures for the application of hypnosis to common psychological disorders and difficulties, medical problems, and medical and dental interventions; and to understand the rationale behind their use.
  4. To enable the student to teach their patients suitable methods of self-hypnosis and use of imagery and suggestion which can be utilised as required by the patient.
  5. To enable the student to apply hypnotic procedures competently in those areas which fall within the scope of his or her professional work.
  6. To enable the student to recognise whenever an unforeseen problem arises with a patient which the Practitioner is not equipped to deal with, how to contain such a problem safely and how to refer on as appropriate.
  7. To enable the student in an educational role, to explain the principles and uses of hypnosis within clinical practice to other health professionals and to raise public awareness and understanding of hypnosis.
Core Curriculum
  • Nature of hypnosis
  • History of hypnosis
  • Theories of hypnosis
  • Hypnotisability, scales, categorisation and flexibility of approach
  • Safety aspects
  • Selection and preparation of the patient
  • Rapport, observation and feedback
  • 2-3 Inductions and deepening
  • Ego-strengthening and positive suggestion
  • Anchoring
  • Self hypnosis
  • Uses in clinical practice
  • Professional and ethical issues – good practice
  • Feedback from participants regarding uses of hypnosis within their clinical field 
  • Treatment of anxiety
  • Introduction to psychosomatic disorder
  • Ideomotor signalling
  • Pain – analgesia / anaesthesia
  • Phobias – desensitisation
  • Reframing –treatment of habit disorder
  • Managing abreaction
  • Handling past trauma
  • Memory / false memory (brief)
  • The Therapeutic Relationship – drawbacks and uses
  • Use and construction of metaphor
  • Evaluation, outcome measures and clinical audit
  • Use of hypnosis within the participants’ field of clinical work
  • Professional and ethical issues – good practice
  • Role of the Society – ongoing support

Students should only treat with hypnosis those conditions that they are qualified to treat without hypnosis.


BSCAH branches which offer training:

Chelmsford provided by Eastern Counties Branch

London provided by Mets and South Branch

Warrington provided by Lancs and Cheshire Branch

Birmingham provided by Midlands Branch

Yorkshire provided by Northern Counties Branch

Ireland provided by our Ireland Branch